Customer Testimony: Pavel Arsenyev, Gereral Director CJSC Pareto-Print Pavel

All this fastened return on investment in this project!

Pavel Arsenyev is the Gereral Director CJSC Pareto-Print, a 13,000m² printing house in Tver region in Russia.

Why did you decide to invest into a steel building?
Pavel Arsenyev: We wanted to build a new printing-house for a long time, and finally we did it. A new one, with special equipment, with the same quality level as in Europe. This is the first printing-house built in Russia over the last 20 years. We decided at once that it should be a steel building. Due to bulky industrial equipment the building should have 24m clear spans with no intermediate columns. It is not possible to make such things in concrete. Astron won our tender because its steel buildings can have various bay-spacings and they look modern and attractive.

How satisfied are you with your new building?
The building fully meets our requirements. Very cost-efficient in maintenance, I’m quite satisfied with it. Budgets and terms were fixed from the very beginning and we tried to follow them. I believe that the price-quality ratio in the project was fair, and level of business organization by Astron was high.

What were the difficulties when constructing the building?
Construction time was strictly limited by business plan. Due to pre-fabricated Astron structures erection was completed in no time. All issues were solved by Astron fast and professionally.

What are the perspectives of Pareto-Print?
We are going to build a second production line of 4,000m². We expect Astron to win the tender again. I would want it, in any case.



Mon Apr 06 11:06:00 CEST 2015