Morocco, an Attractive Country

Interview with Romano Giordano, District Manager

Why is Morocco an attractive country for Astron?
Romano Giordano: Actually, I would say that Morocco’s political stability, steady economic growth, and a strategic geographic position are the most compelling reasons.

The strong policy of economic development “Maroc Vert” has increased the demand for equipment required to support the export business of a country called the “door to Africa”. Likewise, the demand for industrial buildings is increasing.

How do you see the market, based on current trends?
Astron has always been active in Africa and has a long-term strategy. In Morocco, the demand is growing across sectors where Astron can present a long list of references in Europe, especially in the field of agriculture and cold storage, such as in Southern Italy. That’s why we are glad to be a part of it, and why we’re taking it a step further. For example this year, among other activities, we will be participating in the SIAM in Meknes, the 10th year of the International Agricultural Show.

Why is this event important?
It is a great opportunity to connect our business to this developing sector and to present our range of products and services, as well as the advantages of our building system, to a wide audience of potential contacts and customers.

The aim of our participation is to promote Astron’s experience and capabilities in constructing refrigerated and storage buildings, as well as looking for a new Builder partner.

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