Update of the Configurator App

for All Astron Dimensions

The Astron buildings configurator is the “App” to configure and personalise your building. The updated version is enhanced with new features: it now covers all Astron dimensions from “S to XXXL”.

The configurator lets you immerse yourself in the design process The app is free for anyone to use, and allows you to immerse yourself in the design process, explore the numerous possibilities and compare the options. Thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories, the customer can equip the building according to its usage and maximum performance. Then you can visualize it from different angles and later receive a price offer.

Create your building and exploit all the tools.

1- Select your building dimensions
Define your building height, width, length, roof shape and slope.

2- Define the building properties
Next select the roof system and its insulation, then the wall system and then choose if you want a rainwater system.

3- Add the accessories

Select what you need from a wide range of available wall and roof accessories. Define their colours, sizes and positions.

4- Enter the building site location

Give us the site location, specify if you need transport and provide us with the specific loads (wind, snow…) of your region.

5- Need help?
Just inform us if you need help to realise your building foundations, to assemble it and to complete building finishes.