Customer Testimony: Stanislav Sokolnikov, General Director of “Sever Avto M”

All this fastened return on investment in this project!

Stanislav Sokolnikov is the General Director of company “Sever Avto M” specilising in tires and wheel storage complex in Moscow (Russia).

Why did you choose Astron?
Fixed price of the contract, strictly planned deadlines of production and delivery of the building allowed us to prepare an accurate budget and steps of erection, and thus dates of occupancy of the building. All this fastened the return on investment of this project.

What benefits did your company get due to the construction of a new building?
Starting a new logistics center allowed us to increase the speed of goods processing and decrease costs of this processing due to optimization of work personnel. We are also satisfied with the maintenance of the building – it is problem-free, insulation is good for our region.

Is the area inside the building used optimally? Do the columns inside bother?
The space inside is used at its maximum – the building was tailor-made specifically for our company, all aspects of our business were considered.