EcoBuild is on the rise!

New truss system, new catalogue and building configurator

1- EcoBuild Configurator Goes Live!

EcoBuild configurator is a new “App” to configure and personalise your building online or on mobile devices. It is free for anyone to use, and allows the potential customer to immerse himself in the design process, explore the numerous possibilities and compare the options.
Thanks to a comprehensive accessory range, he can equip his building according to its usage and maximum performance. Then he visualizes it from different angles and later receives a price offer.

Enter the configurator to create your EcoBuild and exploit all the tools:
1- Select your building dimensions
2- Define the building properties
3- Add the accessories
4- Enter the building site location
5- Additional options
The user can save his configurations, retrieve, modify, update and share them any time he wants. Then we will send him quotes.

New sales opportunities

This innovative tool will develop our e-business and is an effective way to target new market segments and gain new customers.

2- Truss System for wider spans
EcoBuild halls are built from standardized components. Two different types are now available: Type C based on C profiles and Type T based on a truss system for wider spans. Both consist of cold formed structural members, roof and wall panels.

3- New EcoBuild catalogue available
The new catalogue presenting both C and T Building systems is now available.