Building of the Month in October 2013

Romashkino Sport Gym in Tatarstan, Russia

A new gym built in Romashkino resort in Tatarstan by Vector, Astron Builder from Bugulma, was chosen Astron Building of the Month in October 2013. The 826m² building with a skyway warm passage has already been put into operation and attracts holidaymakers with a nice exterior and inside comfort.

The Customer is Tatneft company. In 2010 Vector won a construction tender for the building of traditional summit of oil companies in Tatarstan. A multi-purpose facility was built able to host the summit and later to be used as a gym. The Customer was absolutely satisfied with the new building and proposed Vector to participate in another competitive selection. And again Vector won the order for gym construction in Romashkino!

The construction process was significantly complicated by partially blocked approach to the construction site – it was accessible from three sides only. That is why steel structures were unloaded in the parking lot two kilometers from the construction site. Later on materials (just enough for one day work) were loaded on trucks, delivered and assembled immediately. The opening of the gym took place in December 2012.

For this building DSR LPR1000 system with 200mm insulation was used for the roof and sandwich panels for the walls. To increase the usable area, the building is equipped with a 114m² mezzanine. A remarkable detail is a skyway warm passage connecting the gym with other blocks.

Builder:        Vector
Customer:    Tatneft
Architect:      “Izba” LLC, Vladimir Sorokin