Building of the Month in February 2014

A building inspired by a museum

David Communication is a company that mainly trades in memory cards, smart cards and LED displays.  In 2012 Mr. David, the owner and investor decided to build a new facility. For Mr. David the decision was clear that he wanted an Astron building.

Mr. and Mrs. David and their architect Mr. Massumi were inspired and impressed by the Jewish Museum in Berlin, which was built by Prof. Libeskind and wanted this museum design reflected in their new building.

Mr.  Wrigge, a salesman for our builder Cornils was involved in the design from a very early stage. After discussing several possibilities to find system adequate solutions, including, if you look closely, windows that spell out the name D-A-V-I-D, Cornils got the order to handle the engineering of the new building.

Cornils, founded in 1980 and a successful Astron Builder  since that time, is a steel manufacturer with 150 employees of its own.  Cornils took this as an opportunity to show their customers the wide range of Astron’s design capabilities, its individuality and flexibility. “There was one or other corner where we had to find intelligent solutions” Mr. Wrigge said with a smile, “but we were very impressed by the end result”

David Communication is a very innovative company whose newest project is an e-filling station where all their BWM i3 company cars can be charged. When the next project is built Cornils will certainly be on board too.


Builder: Cornils GmbH (Germany)

Customer: David Communication

Architect: Mr. Mochtar Massumi