Best building solution, category „Small and Smart“ 2014

Motor sports with passion

Dieter Knüttel has turned his hobby into a career: The dedication of the passionate motor sportsman covers 30 years of distributing Avon racing tyres, ten years of Michelin service and the organization of about 25 major events per season. Renowned car manufacturers like for example BMW, Ferrari, Porsche and Volkswagen were among his customers.

For the construction of a new vehicle hall combined with an office wing, the client decided on an Astron solution. The AZM-1 building covers an area of 840 m2 and has an eaves height of 6 m. Two sectional doors allow multiple trucks to find their way into the building, inside which there is plenty of room.

The project has been carried out by PP Bausysteme GmbH. This year, the company celebrates its 25th anniversary on which we congratulate, as well as on the well-earned award for “building of the quarter” in the category “small and smart”.


Builder: PP Bausysteme GmbH
Architect: L. Bauer
Customer: Dieter Knüttel Rennreifen-Service