New Lindab insulated wall openings

Energy efficiency

Lindab Buildings is permanently working on new concepts and products to improve the energy balance of its buildings.
Innovative insulated openings have now been developed to avoid heat bridges at all our wall openings, achieve improved tightness and to increase the overall thermal performance of the building.
These improvements offer a really useful solution regarding the actual and upcoming thermal requirements and can certainly be considered as part of the new trend towards more sustainable buildings.
Wall cladding:
• Insulated flashings
New architectonic flashings were developed, forming 40 mm wide frames with underlying insulation for LPA900, and 45 mm wide frames for many sandwich panels. Depending on the combination, they exist in two versions:
6m length to be cut on jobsite
cut to length in factory, including insulation, for simplified erection.
Secondary Structure:
• Light and pre-assembled framing
For framed openings a new system of jambs and headers is now available. It consists of a tailor made light framing with pre-assembled clips. The frame elements are fixed to the girts with self drilling screws. Erection time is well reduced as no more cutting nor pre-drilling is required.
Erection time is well reduced as no more cutting nor pre-drilling is required.
New type of light framing - 100mm,
New type of framing 203 & 254mm,
These are further example of how an integrated design and supply of the complete Astron product can ensure simplified erection and provide lower operating costs for the end customer who at the same time owns an environmentally friendly building.