We have the CE marking!

A real commercial benefit

EN 1090 - execution of steel structures and aluminum structures

CE marking according to EN1090-1 will be mandatory from July 1st 2014. However Astron structures are already in compliance with the EN1090-2 standard. So Astron can already today affix the “CE marking” on its structural steel products: a real commercial benefit and a competitive advantage.

The CE marking on the Astron structure covers the main structure: frames, crane rail beams, mezzanine structures, wind bracing and the secondary framing.

What is CE marking?

The CE marking is a mandatory conformity mark allowing products to be placed on the market in the EU. This product complies with the harmonized EN standard or the respective ETA (European Technical Approval).

What are the legal obligations for the manufacturer?

1.    Astron follows a Factory Production Control certified by the CTICM, an independent notified control body. Our products respect a list of detailed requirements from materials, structural design, manufacturing (tolerances, welding, etc.), to erection.

2.    After a successful conformity assessment audit, the notified body delivers a conformity certification.

3.    On customer demand, a declaration of conformity is delivered by Astron. The declaration of conformity must include the manufacturer’s details, the essential characteristics the product complies with and the conformity certificate number. It must be recorded for a 10 years period.

Execution class

EN 1090-2 specifies four execution classes EXC1 to EXC4, with increasing requirements. In general Astron is in EXC2. Builders must specify the Consequences Class (CC) and this triggers the execution class determination. For EXC3 buildings, a special quote must be done.

CE marking in practice

For all deliveries, a « CE marking » sheet is added to the transport documents, showing the conformity certificate number and declared product performances. A small label may appear on the labeling of individual or bundles of parts.